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Security Comes First

Your sensitive information is protected by our 256-bit SSL security. Every users gets the benefit of this essential security measure.

Organize Your Domains

Stop using some spreadsheet program to keep track of your domains. DomainLAB logically connects your domain to the information that keeps your sites up and running.

Never Lose Your Logins

Store FTP logins, Affiliate program details, any credentials to your digital business can be stored securely and quickly retrieved.

Works for any size team

Are you a lone-wolf affiliate, or maybe a small 3-man internet marketing firm? DomainLAB is ready to handle any size business by letting you control who can login and what details they can see.

Disaster Recovery

Hardware can fail, that’s just the way technology is. If that happened to you today, would you know how to rebuild your infrastructure tomorrow? Your hosting details, and a good backup, will help save time getting your digital storefront back online.

Better than Favorites

DomainLAB can become your new home page. Build links to your frequently used websites for fast access from any device you use. Also, maintain lists of your installed applications, like Blogs or Forums you run.

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